Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Organizing students around wikis and training colleagues to do likewise

At KBZAC we've been using wikis to serve as CMS's or content management systems for some of our courses. This has proven popular with teachers as have PD (professional development) sessions I've been running to help those for whom the concept is new learn how to set up and develop their own class wikis.

In thinking through the design of the PD sessions I decided to start teaching and while doing that demonstrate in the wiki what I wanted everyone to follow along and do. Then at the end of the session I would clean up the wiki so that it would serve to explain to anyone who had missed that session what we had done using the tools we had covered for that session.

The result was, which was also the topic of a presentation I gave on Sunday Sept 21 at the online Fall Blog Festival. That presentation (downloadable mp3, WizIQ recording, and slide show) is archived here:

The slide presentation explains most concisely what it was all about (enjoy) ...

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