20 Steps

 to Better Digital Literacies for Teachers

Here are 20 things you can do to learn how to teach this course, and what you will learn at each step
  1. Create a Google Account
    This lets you enter a world of Google collaboration tools
  2. View the Intro video on the HOME tab of this blog
    Get a 15-min synopsis of where we're headed and why
  3. Explore the wiki http://acommunication.pbworks.com
    This shows you one way a wiki can be set up to guide student learning through this and similar courses
  4. Find and download the two Prezi tutorial worksheets
    Here you can see how students learn Prezi (and if you wish you can help improve the worksheets)
  5. Watch Prezi tutorial 1
    Learn the basics of how Prezi works
    Log on with your LearnClick Username and password and take these online quizzes
    (Find your Username and p/w here: http://screencast.com/t/P3BpzioSDD
     - these exercises should be the ones assigned to you)
    1. http://learnclick.com/cloze/show/1359
    2. http://learnclick.com/cloze/show/1360
  6. Watch prezi tutorial 2
    Learn how to manage the mind-map aspects of Prezi presentations and avoid making your audience nauseous
    Log on with your LearnClick Username and password and take these online quizzes
    (These exercises should be the ones assigned to you)
    1. http://learnclick.com/cloze/show/1546
    2. http://learnclick.com/cloze/show/1547
  7. Brainstorm a presentation topic with at least one other partner using a Google Doc OR contribute to this Google Doc http://tinyurl.com/kbz-crowd
    Experience a practical exercise with Google Docs
  8. Create your first Prezi
    Learn by doing
  9. Create a blog in Blogger with a link to your Prezi
    Reflect on your learning
  10. Add your blog and Prezi link to a shared Google Doc
    We'll use this to model a wiki for our PD course
  11. Brainstorm a survey topic and questions to address it using a Google Doc
    Get help heading off pit-falls; see what you'll need to do with students
  12. Create the survey in Survey Monkey (just a few questions)
    Learn how easy it is to use SM
  13. Publish the survey link in your blog and get others to take it
    Articulate the purpose of your survey
  14. Download and install a screen capture tool such as Jing
    VERY useful for creating graphic and video tutorials for students
  15. Capture the chart data using the screen capture tool
    Practical work with screen capture
  16. Create a Prezi to present your survey results
    Practice with Prezi
  17. AND/OR If you want to do this last exercise in PowerPoint, then find the guidelines and animation video in acommunication and make your presentation to the prescribed standards
    Learn how to control PowerPoint instead of it controlling you (that's what I tell my students)
  18. Upload your PPT to http://slideshare.net
    Expand the audience for your (and your students') presentations
  19. Create a badge and put it on your blog to experience working toward intrinsic motivationStart a wiki space where you can keep a class portal. Start with a front page and possibly set up pages for course components and link them from the sidebar.  Here are some choices:
    1. http://pbworks.com 
    2. http://wikispaces.com
    3. Google Drive http://drive.google.com
  20. Start an ePortfolio by creating a blog post to list and discuss all the links you have created in the first 19 steps (we have your blog URL from step 10)
    AND/OR Present your survey results on http://learning2gether.pbworks.com
    Enter a world of connectivist PD with other teachers like you

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