Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Seeking QIS

In November 2012 I started a blog for teachers at KBZAC at Posterous.  My purpose in creating this post was to show some interesting affordances of Posterous.  However, as of April 30 Posterous ceases to be.  So I moved the post to Blogger, but have lost the affordances.

What Posterous did really well, was when used in conjunction with Jing. Jing gives you the option of capturing screenshots and videos and sharing them online.  This gives each a URL.  When you type this URL into a Posterous blog it displays the image which the link points to.  This cuts out many steps in creating tutorials.
Formerly the steps might go like this: use PrintScreen to capture.  Paste that to PAINT.  Save that as a JPG on your computer.  Open a web space (like Posterous). Insert the JPG where you want it to go.

Many steps can be cut out with other screen capture software like Snaggit or Windows' own Snipping Tool.  Some of these may or may not allow you to annotate the capture (Jing allows that). Normally these other software tools save directly to computer, cutting out the paste-to-PAINT step. But they do not normally provide a one-click URL that Posterous can read as an image.

In the Posterous post, all the images at the URLs listed here displayed.  In this post they will display if you click on the links, or if I click on the links and use save image as to get them on my computer, and then load them into this blog post.  This is probably not worth doing since this exercises was never followed up on, and I am only saving the post here to avoid losing it entirely when Posterous closes down.

The report below is as far as I got with the process in Nov 2012. This is what we were looking for, the QIS site on the HCT Portal

We tried this:

When we clicked on that we got a Server Error

When we find out how to do this correctly, we can use this technique, and perhaps some of what we have here already to create accurate tutorials.

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